• At the time of booting, a router sends “Hello” pkts to its neighbours to discover the neighbor.
  • The cost to each of the neighbours is computed by sending an “Echo” pkt & estimating the time it takes to reply.
  • Using this info, the router constructs a “Link-State Packet” & floods it across the b/w.
  • From this common database, each router constructs a relative shortest path tree & router pkts.

The link-state packet contains fields for:             

+ sender’s ID.                                                       

 + list of neighbours & cost/distance.                       

+ sequence No. (Pevent routing countes) due to flooding; a pkt may create loop so avoid this.


OSPF (Open Shortest Path First).

IS-IS (Intermediate Synchronous to Intermediate Synchronous).

OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing algo).

Goptimized for mobile betweens.


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