1)                        10 BASE 2:

  • Uses thin co-ax transmission rate 10Mbps.
  • Max segment length=200m thin net without repeater.


1)                        10 BASE T:

  • Twisted pair copper is used.
  • Transmission rate 10Mbps.
  • Uses control hub.


1)                        100 BASE T (FAST ETHERNET):

  • 100Mbps.
  • Central hub is used.

Schemes with Fast Ethernet.

  • 100 Base Tx: uses twisted pair.
  • 100 Base Fx: uses fiber optic.

2)                        SWITCHED ETHERNET:

  • Uses a central switch to which all nodes are connected using pt.topt.links.
  • Some switches can support 100s of dedicated connections.

3)                        GIGABIT ETHERNET:

  • Max data rate of 1Gbps.
  • Compatible with existing Ethernet equipment.
  • Supports both copper & fiber.
  • Often surves as a backbone for connecting various 10Mbps & 100Mbps Ethernet LANs.




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