1. Packet switching optimizes used of bandwidth by enabling many devices to route packets through the same networks channels.

2. Packet switching route packets through the network much more rapidly & efficiently.

3. Line efficiently is greater is a single node-to-node link can be dynamically shared by many packets over dynamic the packets are Queued FIFO up & transmatted as rapidly as possible over the link.

4. A packet switching network can perform data-rate conversion. To station of different data-rates can exchange packets b/c each connect to its node at a proper data-rate.

5. When traffic becomes havey on a circuit switching network some call are block that is the network refused to accept additional request until the load on the network may decreases but in packet switching network packet are still accept but delivery of packets may delay.

6. Priorities is used therefore those packet which has been prioritized may not experiences delay.


There will be efficient network design & efficient data transmition rate it the packet sizing extremely small.


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