To create a class module select “Add Module” from “Project” menu.


Object components are built using a special VB module type called a class module. The class module can contain properties, methods, and events and can consume properties, methods, and events from other classes.


There are two types of class module (code component):

1. In-process Components.  


 When class (code components) is created as an Active X DLL, it will run as an in-process component, in the same process as the client application.

2. Out-of-process Components.                  When class (code component) is created as an Active X EXE, it will run as an out-of-process component, in a different process as the client application.                                          Following is the process of creating a class module:

1)   An Active X DLL (or Active X EXE) is selected from the New Project window.

2) VB will add a class module under the project explorer window (the default name of the class is class1). The Active X DLL project doesn’t has any Forms.


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