To store the records a simple text file can be used but it is much batter to use special data file to store databases. This databases file are develop & managed by using a special software application.

Database system is a program that organizes, manipulates & retrieves data in a computer system. Some of database systems are:

  • Microsoft Access.
  • D Base.
  • MS SQL Serval.
  • Oracle.
  • My SQL.

 Electronic database are of different types. Most common is one and relational database. In a relational database, records are save in the form of table.


A table is a file in a database. It consists of rows & columns. A database might contain several database.


A column in a table is termed as field of a table or also named as an attribute.


A row in a table is term as record of a table.


It is an intrinsic (Built-Inn) VB control. It is used to creat a link b/w the information in a database & VB application using data control, any VB application can access the data within a database and retrieve the information to the application.

 Data control is connected with a database by mentioning the name of database file.


A group of record from one or more tables in a database are known as record set. Record set is a subset of all the record in a table.


A VB application display the information to the user through the intrinsic placed on the form. Therefore these controls must be bound with the database via a data control. A user can modify, display & update the database using bound control on the form.


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