Toolbar provide buttons that correspond to menu items and give the user an easy way to select the commands those items correspond to.


Following are the steps to add toolbars to already existing programs:

1. Choose Components item in project menu to open the Components box, and select the Controls tab.

2. Click the Microsoft Window Common Controls box, and click on OK to close the Components box.

  1. 3.  Double-click the New Toolbar tool in the tool box to add a new toolbar to form now.

4. Right-click the toolbar now, and select the Properties item in the pop-up menu that appears, opening the button’s property page.

5. Click the Button’s tab in the property page now, and click Insert Button to insert a new button into the toolbar.

6. Give the new button the caption & set its Key property.

7. Add other buttons in the same way & close the property page.

8. Double-click a button in the toolbar now to open the code window, displaying.


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