Visual Basic provides to ways of displaying message boxes and input dialog boxes: using Msg Box () and Input Box (). Whose syntaxes are as follows.


Msg Box () is used to display a message to the user and get a return value corresponding to one of the buttons in the message box. Here’s the syntax.

Msg BOX (prompt [, buttons] [,title] [,help file, content]:)

Prompt: argument holds the string displayed as the message in the dialog box. (the maximum length of prompt is approximately 1,024 characters).

Buttons: argument specifies which are he buttons will display in the message box.

Title: parameter holds the string displayed in the title bar of the dialog box.

Help file: argument is a string that identifies the help file to use to provide context-sensitive help for the dialog box.

Context: argument is the help context number assigned to the propriate help topic.


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