Why we use Subroutine?

Subroutine are useful because they alimenate redancy, making the entire program easier to manage.


Creating a Subroutine involves two line of code

 Sub Text Sub()

End Sub

A Subroutine start with the “Sub” followed by a space, then a name identifying the Subroutine. A Subroutine can be called and 1 of 2 ways using the call keyword or by simple stating its name.


Sub Text Sub()

Msg Box “Code in text Sub()”

End Sub.


Private Sub form-load()

Msg Box “Code in form-load()”

Text Sub or call Text Sub

Msg Box “Back in form-load()”

End Sub.


A comment is a line that is not a source code it is the guidance’s to the person reading the code. Comment began as in a strophe “,” end with a new line.


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