There are so many problems a reader usually faces. The first and foremost problem is lack of vocabulary. If there is not sufficient amount of vocabulary, a reader is nearly unable to comprehend the given passage. Reader may finds out the message using the reference to the context.

Another major problem a reader faces is lack of recognition of common phrases, useful expression and basic structures. It is the problem that may misleads a reader to unwanted message that the writer of passage does not convey. There are other problems of reading, when we read a book, newspaper or magazine, we do not vocalized our mouth. It increase the speeding power, another reason where we take a lecture we do not listen the proper pronunciation of words we do not use proper dictionary of concern language. There are another problem of reading is regression problem. It means when a reader came from work he felt every file when he again and again read the sentence but physically and mentally he did not gave a proper time and his efficiency decreases, another problem is shortage of vocabulary and failure to understand the structure of paragraph.


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