Apple is considering components for iPad 3

Latest news says that Apple is currently considering to choose modules worth more affordable chips made from Taiwan for iPad 3. Apple did this, so the price of the material making up the iPad become cheaper, then the selling price of the iPad 3 will be more affordable.

Apple Consideration is also intended, in order to remain a top choice iPad amid the onslaught of various tablet products Android increasingly diverse. Android tablets currently available in a variety of options from basic to premium grade class that offers a wide selection of alternatives tablet rather than iPad.

 Apple is considering components for iPad 3


According to recent estimates from iSuppli, the iPad 2 created by the material costs of $323.25 for the 32GB CDMA model and more expensive $3.35 for the GSM version.

This value means the increase of the price iPad first generation and is caused by the installation of Apple A5 processor, a camera, as well as high demand for touch screen panel. Because of this requirement according to iSuppli, Apple pays about $ 127 for touch-screen panels per unit, higher than previous estimates that only $ 95 in the iPad.


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