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An integrated circuit (IC), sometimes called a chip or microchip, is a semiconductor wafer on which thousands or millions of tiny resistory capacitor.


There are two types of IC’s.

  1. Analog IC’s.
  2. Digital IC’s.


         The first circuit simulator for analog IC’s was called SPICE (Simulation Program With Integrated Circuit Emphasis) computerized.

          TI high-performance analog amplifiers, data converters, power management, interface analog application.

          Analogue IC and signal processing is an archival peer reviewed journal dedicated to the design and application of analog, radio frequency (RF).


         Microprocessors and microcontrollers (MCU), digital signal processors (DSP), and all kinds of communications chip.

         This is the electronic devices questions and answer section on “Linear Digital IC’s” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance.

          Digital integrated circuit to the for front a number of new issues that impact the reliability, cost, performance, power dissipation, and reliability of digital IC’s.




When we talk about electronics, this simple work has an extensive  range of technology. Basically electronics can be divided in to two main group.



An analog computer is the one that measures or processes data in a continuous form.

    The analog computers represent physical quantities like speed, weight, temperature etc. Through an analog with the electrical properties of current and voltage. Analog computer are the first computer being development of modern mainly made of electrical devices like resisters, amplifiers and transistors.


In a Digital electronic the result is in number system.

    Digital computers represent physical quantities with the help of digits numbers. These numbers are used to perform arithmetic calculations and also make logical decisions to reach a conclusion depending on the data they receive from the user. In general, digital computers are easy to program and are used for general purpose.