•There are so many problems a reader usually faces. The first and foremost problem is lack of vocabulary. If there is not sufficient amount of vocabulary a reader is nearly unable to comprehend the given passage. Reader may finds out the message using the reference to the context
•Another major problem a reader faces is lack of recognition of common phrases useful expressions and basic structures. It is the problem that may misleads a reader to unwanted message that writer of passage does not convey.
•Other problems of reading when we read a book, newspaper or magazine we do not vocalized our mouth. It increases the speeding power another reason where we take a lecturer we do not listen the proper pronunciation of words we do not use proper dictionary of concern language
•Another problem of reading is regression problem. It means when a reader came from work he felt every file when again and again read the sentence but physically and mentally he did not gave a proper time and his efficiency decreases
•Another problem is shortage of vocabulary and failure to understand the structure of paragraph. 

In order to enhance effective reading, some of the following steps or principles should kept in view


  In order to read completely and comprehensively this technique is used and it is effective when only reference to a particular paragraph is required or an ordinary outline Is needed.

  The basic idea can be obtained by skimming a voluminous book or a long report and this is done by studying index of topics or chapters and sub topics. It implies that when data is regarding particular topic of a book or report is needed.


  In business most of the reading includes sorting out telephone numbers or looking a reference of any file. A reader knows the identity of reference and if he needs any written records he can retrieve that by looking at different files. He is well aware of files are kept in proper order, or alphabetical order or in a serial number. If none of above order does not exist a difficulty step of reading files is faced in which references are retrieved in haphazard way.


  for effective reading it is wise to keep in view the principle that the matter you are studying it is needed to take help of very depth understanding or we can say you comprehend meanings of the matter with your wisdom.


  Even if you are reading just for study you need to pay proper and full attention or you need to try to comprehend whatever you are reading. Following this principle you can really benefit the knowledge. It means by giving more attention and your effort to comprehend can make your reading useful and effective


  By critical scrutiny knowledge is gained and true facts come across. It deals reader’s questioning deriving their meanings challenging various statements obtaining information out of other resources and contrasting it with other scripts written on the same sort of topic. The more practice the more effective study


  You should know why you are reading. It means to know the objective of reading


  One Primary characteristic of conversation is that it is fully interactive. At least two people must participate in it and they exchange messages on a real time basis. Participants take turns in exchanging these messages, so conversation is fundamentally a sequential activity. Talk is designed to reflect back on prior turns and project ahead to future ones.

 Second Primary characteristics of conversation is that it is locally managed. The participants themselves during the course of their interaction determine which people get to speak in what order they speak and for how long. The things people are expected to talk about what they actually say an how they say it are also worked out among the participants as the conversation progresses. This contrasts with other such forms of talk as formal debate in which order and length of speaking turns decided upon before the event even begins.


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